Hi, my name is Steinar. I’m a native Icelander that love traveling around the country and wilderness. I consider me very lucky to have the wilderness in by backyard.

I’m here because I am passionate about helping travelers to overcome the fear of putting a big chunk of money into trip to Iceland and not knowing if it is money well spent. I want you to have the best experience of your travel.

I know what it is like to travel to an other country after good preparation, experiencing many good things and some bad during the trip. As a native Icelander I have seen and heard to many news about travelers in some kind of incidents during there stay in Iceland and that’s probable just the tip of the iceberg. I belief that all the bad things can be avoided during the trips by having the right knowledge.

That is why I am here to help you to prepare your self as much as possible. What to see, what to be aware of, handy tips and answering question you have about your upcoming travel.

As I mentioned earlier I´m a native Icelander. Growing up in small town in the country side. I have always been in all kind of outdoor activities skiing, hiking, snowmobiling and traveling the highlands both summer and winter. As a natural progression I started in the ICE-SAR youth program – Icelandic association for search and rescue, a volunteer organizations established for search and rescue in Iceland.

For the past 18 year I have been participating in many searches and assisted many travelers both Icelanders and in resent years growing number of travelers from all over the world that are traveling around Iceland.

It hasn’t always been easy. Me and my team mates have seen many unnecessary searches and accidents do to lack of knowledge or ignorance.

So I created this platform as a proactive resource for you so you can have safe and enjoyable vacation in Iceland.

And now I want to help you to have the time of your live traveling round Iceland. The first step is simple, subscribe to the e-mail list for some travel tips and tricks. You can replay with any question you have regarding your trip to Iceland, I will gladly help.