Three essential apps for your stay in Iceland

When traveling abroad safety during your travel is the most important thing for enjoyable visit. Now when you travel around Iceland you have extreme everywhere. The weather can be extreme, the nature is extreme and the road condition can be extreme. And you can’t count on the summer for good weather and road condition.

So what help is there available during your traveling?

There are three essential apps for your mobile phone that come in handy when traveling Around Iceland. These are all apps that the INLHQ team use in their outdoor activities all year around. The three apps are:

About the essential apps

112 Iceland

112 Iceland is really simple and need app. It has two language option,  English and Icelandic. It is offered for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

The app has two major functions.

  • First function is to call for help by pressing the red emergency button. Your location will be sent by text message to the 112 response center. Remember that even though your phone shows no signal there is a possibilite that you can send text message.
  • The second function is to leave a trace by pressing the green Check inn button. Only the 5 last location’s are stored and it is recommended that you use this, especially when you are hiking in the highlands where mobile connectivity can be poor.
Essential app for mobile - 112 Iceland

112 Iceland app

Here you can download the app for Android phones, Windows phones and iPhone.

Weather app

The weather is one of the hot topics in Iceland all year long. It can change many times a day and can vary greatly in very small area. It´s not uncommon to have rain, have wind, sunshine and calm wind all in the same day.

The weather app is one of the essential apps for your mobile phone when traveling around Iceland. It has two language option,  English and Icelandic. The main screen will show any weather warnings and the weather at your location. The app has as well push notification for weather warnings. Very simple and need app.

Tips: If your app is in Icelandic and you want to have it in english click the main menu in the upper left corner and go to “stillingar”

Essential app for mobile - Weather app

Weather app

Here you can download the app for Android phones and iPhone.

Road condition

The last one of the essential apps for your stay in Iceland is the road condition app. It is not really a app but a mobile friendly web. Like the two other essential apps we have talked about above this is fairly simple to use. Just choose the category that you want to look at. Normally you have the option to look at different part of the country depending where you are located.

If you are not sure about the info you can call the phone services for further assistant.

Tip: Save the bookmark to your desktop and you will have it as a icon like the apps above.

essential apps for your stay in Iceland

Road condition app

Here you can go to the road condition mobile friendly web page:

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